Killers (DVD)


Two deranged serial killers – one from Tokyo, the other from Jakarta – post their violent crimes online in a psychotic battle for notoriety in this slick, violent, but darkly humorous, psycho thriller from Indonesia’s Mo Brothers.

Nomura is a Japanese businessman with the darkest of dark sides. A lady-killer in more than just name, Nomura is a true-born psychopath who has been immortalizing a series of violent murders with videos littered across the dark underbelly of the internet. Millions watch his depraved carnage, but one takes it a brutal step further. Living in a violent and unstable Jakarta and dealing with failure after failure, Bayu takes inspiration from the videos creating a dark alter ego, a vigilante serial killer, recording his ruthless “justice” against the corrupt and unpunished. When Bayu gains even more infamy from his torrid vengeance, Nomura sinks into an uncontrollable rage; leading to a rivalry that will tear the walls of their worlds down. The two leave a bloody trail in their wake as they move toward an inevitable, bloody, unforgiving showdown.

“Killers just may be one of the most interesting, disturbing, and provocative takes on the world of the serial killer ever made. “ - Twitch

“The best serial killer thriller since I Saw the Devil.” - Joblo

“takes torture porn to new levels of cinematic sophistication.” - Variety

“An efficient psychological horror-thriller” The Hollywood Reporter

Languages: English, Indonesian and Japanese, with English subtitles.