The Last Emperor (DVD)


This sweeping cinematic spectacle follows the tumultuous life of Pu Yi, the last Chinese emperor, from his elite origins in the Forbidden City - where a new English tutor (Peter O'Toole) opens the boy's mind to the outside world - to his forced abdication in 1912 and his return to the throne under Japanese rule. Inextricably intertwined with the history of modern-day China, the story ends with the once-privilege emperor living a working-class life under communist rule.

  • Bernardo Bertolucci's masterpiece won nine Oscars (including Best Picture and Best Director), and remains one of the greatest historical dramas ever put to film.
  • Both the Original Theatrical Version (160mins) and Director's Cut (220mins) - completely re-edited by Bertolucci himself - are presented here on stunning new digital prints that spectacularly capture the film's exquisite colours and detail.

Language: English and Japanese with English subtitles.